Who is She?

She is a wanderer, she is a student of life, she's an independent woman, she's a professional, she works a 9-5 job, she's an ordinary girl who craves adventure, and she is a person who finds time to live, love and travel.


Hey there! My name is Margareth. I'm a curious individual, with a great desire to explore new eclectic cities, gaze at the great wonders of the world, and more importantly - inspire others to do the same. 

I love to hike, take photos, read and dance. But what I really love is going to places that make me realize just how small problems are. Whenever I get a chance to explore more, I go. Whether it'd be the closest hiking trail near me or somewhere far far away, I roam. 


Why When She Roams?

Many of us can get so caught up in our "busy" lives that we forget to make time to live and to explore. I hear people say "I never have the time or the money..." Actually, it's possible to get both. You can make the time and the money and do the things you love - if you really want to. I have a full-time job, and I still make the time to travel. Can you relate?


I invite you to join me and break out of your bubble and explore more! Whether you want to go on a life-changing adventure or simply do the things that make you happy, When She Roams is for every woman who treasures life, loves to travel and enjoys meeting new people. 

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