Why this Bumble Queen Bee is Still Buzzin’ with Excitement

Joining Bumble’s Queen Bee program has been a great and bee-utiful adventure. I didn’t know what to expect when I first applied last December, but it truly has been an amazing experience to be a part of this community. There’s nothing more fulfilling than empowering everyone and to represent a brand with values that aligns with mine. But before I tell you why I’m still buzzin’ with excitement, let me explain what Bumble is.

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My 5 Simple Winter Self-Care Routine Tips

Making self-care part of my routine is such a must to survive the holiday bustle and the cold weather. From Christmas parties to work events to playing outdoors, this season can take a toll on the body. To avoid holiday skin stress, I’ve decided to start a new winter self-care routine. I’ve never been big on skin care remedies, but after using the products below, I now get what the fuss is all about! Using them has made such a big difference in my overall health.

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