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5 Free or Cheap Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

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Who is She?

She is a wanderer, she is a student of life, she's an independent woman, she's a professional, she works a 9-5 job, she's an ordinary girl who craves adventure, and she is a person who finds time to live, love and travel.

Hey there! My name is Margareth. I'm a curious individual, with a great desire to explore new eclectic cities, gaze at the great wonders of the world, and more importantly - inspire others to do the same. 

I love to hike, take photos, read and dance. But what I really love is going to places that makes me realize just how small problems are. Whenever I get a chance to explore more, I go. Whether it'd be the closest hiking trail near me or somewhere far far away, I roam. 

Why When She Roams?


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