Yosemite Adventures: Embracing the Ups & Downs

Photo Credit: Make Life Count Co.

Photo Credit: Make Life Count Co.

Traveling from Las Vegas to Yosemite National Park had many ups and downs. From getting a flat tire to getting a speeding ticket on the way home, this journey is definitely one for the books. Driving for eight hours long is not that fun, but driving through a beautiful scenic route for eight hours is not too bad. I enjoyed seeing the stunning views of Death Valley National Park and Sierra National Forest on our way to the park. It also helped that I had a good company with me. Nothing like some bonding time in a car ride.


This weekend getaway was created by Marie, Lyssa, and Carmelisa of Make Life Count Co. . Their company plans adventures around people's regular schedule to help enhance their lives. From booking a cabin to making breakfast, lunch and dinner, these ladies makes it really easy for people to go on short mini vacations.

What I love most about their trips is how they make a big effort to make sure everyone is having fun. They even set up games to bring the whole group closer together.

Since many of us didn't know each other, we spent the first night talking, eating and playing pool. It's always good to meet new people, but I was even happier to see an old friend from college. It was really great catching up with her. We even had a photo shoot the next day!



Our adventures at Yosemite started the morning after. We stopped by Half Dome, Tenaya Lake and Yosemite Falls.  

Half Dome

Half Dome is Yosemite's iconic rock. It has a very distinct shape, which makes it a challenge for hikers. Unfortunately, climbing to the summit of Half Dome was not an option for us. None of us had a permit to ascend the rock, so the group settled to make some stops to get the best view of the Half Dome.

Tenaya Lake


The gorgeous Tenaya lake is between Yosemite Valley and Tuolumne Meadows. It's surrounded by majestic mountains. The lake offered us cooling water to swim in, and a sandy beach to lay down on. I had a good time eating lunch and strolling down the lake. It was a good time to unwind. 

Yosemite Falls 

Unfortunately, Yosemite Falls was high and dry, but hiking through the big boulders was pretty fun. Some rocks were slippery, so I was glad to be wearing my Vasque hiking boots!

Photo Credit: Jesse

Photo Credit: Jesse

We spend an hour hanging out and enjoying the view of the mountains that surrounded us. Plus, the Half Dome greeted us again with its majestic beauty.

The cabin

After a long day of exploring and driving, it was time to feast. Marie, Lyssa, and Marie prepared us some delicious meals. I was so hungry I ate everything they put in front of me. The ones without meat of course!


The morning after

The next day wasn't as fun as the day before. Matt and I found ourselves with a flat tire on the morning of our departure. This was the least I expected. I’ve been blessed to have very little issues on my previews trips, so the situation was kind of distressing. But you know what, we pushed though it. We figured out how to fix a flat tire for the first time (YouTube) and we didn't let the situation ruined our good vibes. Matt and I knew that it could’ve been worse! We could’ve been stuck in the middle of nowhere with no cellphone service. Yikes.

We did struggle to find tire shops that were opened on Sundays, so that was another journey! After stopping by two closed tire shops atlas, we finally found one. We were happy to be on the road home, but guess what?! We were stopped by the California Highway Patrol for speeding. It was unfortunate but again - it could’ve been worse. 

Embracing the ups & downs

Life’s full of unexpected events, and this journey to Yosemite, CA sure is proof of that. Even though this weekend getaway wasn't what I had envisioned, it has taught me some very important life lessons:

“Life is not always perfect, but it’s always what you make it. So make it count, make it memorable and never let anyone steal your happiness.” 
“No road is long with a good company.” -Turkish Proverb
“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” - Elizabeth Gilbert
“It doesn’t matter where you go, it’s who’s beside you that counts.” - Unknown
“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful” -Joshua J. Marine

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