A Wondrous Trip to El Nido, Palawan – Part I

El Nido, Palawan is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. The islands were magical, the foods were exquisite and the people were just wonderful.

My family and I had a pleasant experience of eating breakfast on the seashore of Las Cabanas, approximately three kilometers from the town of El Nido. We stayed at the Orange Pear Resort, for seven days and six nights - and it was heavenly.

We were surrounded by beautiful plants, adorable four-legged locals and countless of islands. 

Las Cabanas was a well-maintained beach. The workers cleaned and swept marine debris every morning. The beach also had beautiful and well-trimmed palm trees planted in every direction. Fresh coconuts were also picked, rinsed and served to early risers, like me.

I want to thank Orange Pearl Resort for putting up with my vegetarian diet and medical needs when I got sick. The staff were extremely nice and attentive. They would go extra miles to give you the best experience.

A 16-year-old girl named, Angel, even took me all the way up a steep hill, up a bamboo staircase and through a jungle, just to go zip lining. She really didn’t have to, but she saw the terrifying look in my face. She laughed and took me up anyway.

Standing on top of the mountain can be daunting, but once I was strapped onto those cables, there was no going back.

Zip-lining was fun, but exploring the islands of El Nido, Palawan was much more wondrous. It's an experience I won’t ever forget.

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