Downtown, Las Vegas: Life is Beautiful

Life truly felt B-E-A-U-tiful on September 25th, 2015. Downtown, Las Vegas hosted its 3rd annual art and music festival, Life is Beautiful - and it was incredible. The event featured 18 blocks of street art installations, delicious foods and grand stages. 

I had an amazing time dancing, jumping and head-banging like there's no tomorrow to some of my favorite songs.  



I initially attended LIB to catch an upcoming artist, Garrett Borns AKA BØRNS. I became a fan of his songs Electric Love and 10,000 Emerald Pools, just a few months before the festival. He was the first artist I watched, and as expected - he was wondrous. His voice was so smooth and yet so groovy.  I really enjoyed dancing and swaying to his melodious voice, but I wasn't the only one loving it. BØRNS' indie-pop and psychedelic music had the audience singing like a harmonious choir. Watching him perform was a great way to kick start the night!


A break from the heat

Life is Beautiful was definitely a lot more organized this year. There were more attendants, food trucks, restroom facilities and water stations - I was really thrilled about this. It was ridiculously warm. Whoever had the brilliant idea to set up a free water station is a genius! It was vital for everyone to stay hydrated. The weather was awfully hot. If it weren't for BØRNS, I would've waited inside one of the casinos until nightfall. Nonetheless, my friends and I had a variety of foods and drinks to cool us off.

My personal favorite was an American IPA style beer, Hoppy Birthday.  


Troubadour time

After a quick break, my friends and I made our way to Troubadour stage for Klingande and Cashmere Cat. Both artists put on a great set. They had me dancing for two straight hours - so no great pictures were taken during their performance. Oh well. Sometimes, you just have to enjoy the moment and dance your heart out. I sure did.

Twenty One Pilots killed us all

After two incredible hours of raging, it was time to head back down to Ambassador Stage and catch Twenty One Pilots. These artists completely blew my mind. The dynamic duo, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, had the ground shaking from the very minute they stepped on stage. Their alternative hip-hop and electro-pop music were exhilarating, which brought a vast energy to the Ambassador Stage. Especially when they played, Lane Boy. The song had rock, hip-hop and reggae-style beats, with strong and aggressive lyrics - that had us all jumping to our feet.

One final word to describe these guys is - WOW. What a SHOW. My neck was sore for days.

What a WONDERful night

Overall, my one and only night at Life is Beautiful was a complete success. The music, the art and the people were just fantastic. 

I wish I can share photos of the legendary, Stevie Wonder, but my camera was running out of battery - and to be honest, so was I. However, he put on a WONDERful show. It was the perfect way to end the night. His funky, soulful and jazzy music never fails to move me.

To Cristina, Jann, Nick, Beth, Kanae, Jeremy and Joey thank you for an unforgettable night. Until next time!



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